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Hi Folks

Thanks for visiting Urban Jungle Survival!

Just so you know, we have actually moved premises and can now be found at the much more professional www.MOBIvation.com so feel free to swing by there and enjoy your reading!

Kindest regards

Paul Harrison



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How To Survive This Stock Market Crisis

March 15, 2011 at 11:59 am (Uncategorized)

“The Markets – they are a CRAZY place, Pauli!”

This was a comment from a buddy of mine who started learning to trade at the same time as me and became my trading partner.

This was circa four and a half years ago and we were very new to the world of trading. Feeling that we “knew the rules” but were still getting “a whipping” when we were getting into trades.
“Stop losses too tight”, “locking in profit too early”, “not following the rules correctly”, “going against the trend”… these were all bad habits that we had managed to perfect and without any coaching or guidance, we didn’t know that it was the wrong thing to do – until we found out by trial and error.
Just as we started to go from “consistently losing” to “consistently being flat”, we got hit by the credit crunch.

All Hell broke loose with all the stories of greed and doom that were coming out and being blamed on all the financers the world over.
The markets went into melt down – well, if you believe what the media tell you – and people were running for cover.

Banks were going bust and there was more talk of “blood in the streets” in New York and London than the war-torn streets of Baghdad at the time.
Today, with the goings on in Libya, the devastation that we have just seen in New Zealand and Japan, the heavy media focus on Gold and Silver, the markets have returned to a state of huge unpredictability.
There are double digit percentage moves on indices and money flowing to new areas for cover including the commodities as well as more “alternative investments” around the world.
I want to give you some insights into how best to approach these kinds of market conditions we are now seeing.

Firstly, volatility is not a bad thing – if you know how to trade it. If traded correctly, it can make you your profits a lot quicker. If you don’t know how to trade it, you can take a real heavy loss – which is obviously not what you want to do.
My biggest concern at the moment is really not what happens during the UK and US market times, it’s what is happening on the wholesale markets and international markets (such as Japan) when the UK and US are closed.

A 10% drop on the Japanese markets will then have a knock on effect on the open of the UK and US and pretty much everyone else too.
These market conditions make me much more hesitant to hold any swing positions (positions of more than 2 days). Really because of what can happen when the markets are closed over night.

Yes, it can go your way but even with a stop loss in place, we have very little security against any aggressive moves against us.
In saying that, this level of volatility can be a day traders dream come true and the kind of movements that we are seeing can make a savvy day trader hundred’s of points in a very short amount of time.
Also, please be aware that even when we are experiencing big bear markets (when the markets are dropping), there are very often opportunities to make money on the upside.

This may sound counter intuitive but only in heavy bear markets do we see big 400 / 500 point daily rallies. Very seldom to we see these kinds of rallies in a Bull Market.
As a matter of fact, the biggest trade I ever took was in Nov of 2008. You will recall that the markets were selling off pretty aggressively at the time but on the day in question; there was a 1000 point rally on the DOW Jones. O

f those 1000 points, I manage to lock in 657 points in about two and a half hours. Even at just £1 per point, that would work out to be a pretty good hourly rate of remuneration.
The best guidance I can give to people right now is that if you want to trade this market with anything but a day trading strategy, be VERY picky about what you trade. Make sure you have a very strong risk/reward ratio and be aware that you may want to be a little more liberal with your stop loss – but this again MUST be reflected in your potential upside.
If you are not in any trades right now and you feel unsettled by the current market behaviour, be prepared to sit out of the trades.

Sit in cash.

It is a very important part of the correct trading psychology to be able to refrain from trading when the market is so volatile.
As we know, the markets react very quickly to information that is presented to it and this level of volatility too, will pass and then the conditions will be better suited to taking swing positions.

So, in short:
• Don’t feel like you need to trade if the markets are making you feel uneasy
• Day trading strategies are safer right now than holding overnight positions.
• If you are going to trade swing positions, be even pickier about what you are trading.
• Remember that even in markets that are selling off aggressively, there can be very big up-days too.
• Be Patient
I hope this helps folks 😉
To your Health, Wealth and Happiness.


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The MISSING LINK Between Successful Traders and The Rest

February 24, 2011 at 5:24 pm (Uncategorized)

The “MISSING LINK” Between Successful Traders and “The Rest”

When it comes to teaching people to successfully trade the Stock Market, teaching them a strategy is probably only conducive to 5% of their success. I am going to now uncover something that I am betting the vast majority of Stock Market Trainers either don’t understand OR are not prepared to action.

When it comes to teaching a complete novice how to trade the stock market, there are basically 2 broad sections that need to be conquered before a trader becomes consistent.

Firstly, there are “The basic’s”. This is where the traders will be learning the strategy,  placing the trades, following the rules and developing a conversational knowledge of trading and start forming their traders psychology – basically getting to grips with the mechanics of Trading.

This takes different people different rates of time to learn and is based on a few different things :

1)      The amount of time that the client will put into their learning. If someone is going to put in 1 hour a day, they will cover the basics a LOT quicker than someone who is doing an hour a week.

2)      The different element’s they use to get an “all rounded” education in trading. An example of this is not just sitting and going through charts looking for technical set ups but also speaking to your trading buddy about trading, reading books about successful traders and listening to previous audio’s from the traders library. This gives you a much better “rounded, fuller” knowledge of trading.

3)      I do believe there is a small percentage of people who are genetically predisposed to trading. This is the same as people who are genetically good athletes, good academic’s, outgoing people etc. I do believe though that this only makes up a very small percentage of people’s success and, like anything else, is always bested by hard work.

Now, the thing is that all of the above learning is developed on what I refer to as “The cognitive knowledge”. People KNOW what to do – and it’s the FIRST step and obviously critical as it forms the foundation of human learning.

The challenge is, too many people believe that this is where they should be successful traders. I am here to tell you, this is NOT where traders become successful.

The next step is where a true trader is born.

You see, the above is all “stuff that you know”. You know the rules, you know you should stick to your money management rules, you know you should never go against the trend. The thing is, human beings very seldom follow their cognitive thoughts over their emotional needs and the vast majority of unsuccessful traders as unsuccessful as they trade on their emotions.

Think about it: We all know that coffee is bad for us, but do you drink it? We all know that drinking, smoking, eating junk food, not exercising everyday is not what is best for our bodies but I bet everyone reading this is honestly able to hold up their hand and say that they have done the above ( and no doubt much more!!)

Now let’s change the situation slightly – lets say you are a smoker – a “40 a day” person and you go to the doctor only to be diagnosed with lung cancer. They give you 1 year maximum if you don’t stop smoking. You go back to your family and tell them the tragic news. You see your children start crying, realising that they have only got, at most 1 year with their Mum or Dad.

I am betting that would create enough of a shift in you to stop you in your tracks from ever lighting up again. THAT is knowing something on an EMOTIONAL LEVEL. You will have NO PROBLEM with stopping smoking because you have been emotionally shifted by it. You have had an “A-ha moment”

Getting to understand trading on an emotional level, via an “aha moment” is the key to trading.

 Knowing your rules on a emotional level will result in you ACTING in accordance with you rules. When you start “acting” instead of just “knowing” you will find yourself going back over your trading diary and saying “Damn! Why did I take THAT trade?” a lot less.

Now, the question you are no doubt asking yourself is “How do I get to know this on an emotional level and not just a conscious level?”

The answer to that has become more and more evident to myself over the last year and a half where I have had the great fortune to work with so many great people and help them go from beginner, to intermediate to advanced traders.

Seeing someone go from “I have never traded before but I want to make a change” to then “I am following the rules but still not making money because I am making stupid mistakes” to “ I am now making consistent returns” is an a true gift and that look in their eyes when they serious KNOW they are SUCCESSFUL TRADERS – is a great moment to be seen.

So this is the process to get to that level :

1)      Select the people you want to trade with based on how much you like them and how genuine you feel they are

2)      You NEED to BELIEVE that you CAN be successful with trading. If you have the attitude of “We’ll see how it goes”, you best stay away from trading – rather go to Vegas – it will be more fun

3)      Learn your basics and DRILL them – again and again and again.

4)      You need to be practising and asking questions about your trades – get the support and feedback that you need. Learn from your mistakes – but be prepared to accept direction from your trainer.

The last part though is what is going to make you successful. Once you have got a competent knowledge of what you are doing, you need to keep at it. Keep refining your trades – reviewing them and seeing if there was anything better you could have done to make the trades more profitable.

If you keep doing this – somewhere along the line, there will be a moment where that last piece of the jig-saw falls into place. It’s almost like an “aha-moment” – literally, when the lights come on. That is when you get the EMOTIONAL understanding of trading.

 You will find that you stop “hunting for set-up’s”, you will just see them setting up as you go through the charts. You will stop feeling like you NEED to be trading or that you have to be in as many trades as possible. You will start refining your entry points to a much better level… all these things come together and result in a consistent trader.

The best way to achieve this “a-ha moment” is to keep asking your trainer to review the trades that you have taken. This is when the trainer can go through the trades and suggest some small tweaks or insights that you could make instead of just going through all the “black and white” rules that you already know. Somewhere along the line, you will have that break-through and 95% of the time, it’s something very small that has to be changed in order to get the desired result for you.

On this point, I would like to make something quite clear: People NEVER have a problem with the mechanics of trading. The placing of trades, rules of strategies, money management rules etc are all easily taught. HOWEVER, people DO have a problem with keeping the focus on learning to BECOME a trader.

The reason for this is because we are all very busy. We have other commitment’s outside of trading. Be it the 9-5 or the family or social events … we all have them but it’s that commitment to making the change that will then influence their outcomes.

This is then linked deeper into people’s motivating factors which, unless they are in a real state of pain, are generally not as powerful as the challenges they face and the reason’s WHY they have to become successful with their trading.

I am VERY VERY aware of this and my goal on every Monday night webinar is to ensure that my client’s come off that webinar feeling clearer, more confident, more motivated and genuinely more up-lifted after enjoying their Monday night hour from 7-8pm.

I am under no illusions that this has GOT to come from me initially. Similar to how much you enjoy an evening out at a restaurant can be dictated largely by the staff that work there, I have to get myself into a hugely positive state before I get on that call as it set off a positive chain of event’s through-out the rest of that hour…. ideally with the outcome of YOU, our clients having that “A-ha moment” .

To your Health, Wealth and Happiness.


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The Secret of Picking GREAT stocks to Trade and How They Relate to Dating

December 7, 2010 at 8:14 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi Folks,

This is something I put together for our stock market clients with regards to selecting the best stocks to trade. It’s pretty specific with regards to the strategy that they have learnt but also thought that if you have an interest in learning to trading the stock market this may give you some further food for thought.

The primary aim of this article for you is to make you laugh and there are NO recommendations on here whatsoever.




Hi all
We have had some GREAT feedback from last nights call and loads of you are really getting to grips with this.

One question that has come up since last night, with the new video regarding shorting that has been released and my discussions on how to hedge your trades and not get over-exposed to the market movements in any one direction was “How do you select the stocks to Trade”?

We went through 36 Stocks last night and I made mention of having a maximum of 5 stocks to trade for beginners but then also said that if you are going to hedge and use short vs long trades then I always look to take a similar number, if not the same number of short trades v long trades.

Now remember this, “Trading is just like Dating”. IE, if you go after everything that is available then you are going to seem desperate and will be largely unsuccessful in your quest to be happy (and your friends will probably laugh at you too!). In trading, just as in dating, we want to select “ONLY THE BEST” to spend our time and attention with.
So, as you would have a certain criteria to assess who would be a good date for you, I am going to give you 5 criteria to assess what are going to be good stocks for you to trade – and remember folks, be picky. You deserve only the best!

Criteria 1: Does it pertain to our rules?

Does the stock that we are looking at, pertain and match our rules that are outlined in the videos. This is a key fundamental in selecting a stock and is the dating equivalent of “Not wanting to go out with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you”. If it doesn’t match your rules – don’t even consider it.

Criteria 2: Is it going with the trend?

This obviously only pertains to vertical rolling stock. If you are not familiar with this yet then please cast it aside but you will become familiar with it at a later date.

This, in dating terms, is the same as going out with someone who has TERRIBLE interpersonal skills, bad table habits, incredibly boring and is highly untrustworthy. You would possibly do it once, but never again


Criteria 3: Is there at least a 2:1 Risk Reward ratio – the bigger the ratio the better.
This is something that can really change your life. If you are only having a win / loss ratio of 50/50 but you make 3 or 4 every time you win and lose 1 every time you lose then you are still going to come out of the month with a positive nett gain.

The dating equivalent of this is going out with someone who is highly ambitious and wealthy over someone who sits at home, doesn’t have any life aspirations and watches daytime TV. Or, to put it into a real life connotation, as a friend of mine’s mother said to her : “Bel, it’s as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is to fall in love with a poor man but your father won’t bless the marriage unless your groom is a rich man!”

Criteria 4: The stock price is over $10 per share

This criteria is normally going to ensure that there is going to be enough demand and supply of this stock for you to be able to buy and sell at the price you want to get in or out at. If you’re trading penny shares, you may want to get out of your 50p share at 50p but the market maker can only get you out at 35p. Not a tragedy if you only hold 1 share but if you have bought 100 000, then its no fun.

The dating equivalent is “does your date still live with their parents?” Pretty acceptable if they (and you!) are 16 but if they are 55, you may find it a turn off.

Criteria 5: The Volume is over 200 000
This is the last criteria on the totem-pole. The reason I have identified this is due to liquidity issues. Similar to the above, we want to ensure that there are a good number of stocks being bought and sold so that we can get in and out of the trade without too much hassle.

For those of you who are spreadbetting, I will trade anything that is spreadbettable through my broker. If the stock has only got 50 000 on the volume but matches all the other criteria perfectly with a beautiful risk reward ratio then I would have no problem taking the trade.

In dating terms, I would put this down as you being a vegetarian and your date being someone who likes a steak from time to time. No problem what so ever but if you have two potential dates who were EXACTLY the same and one liked a steak and one was a vegetarian, you would go out with the one who shared the same views as you.

I hope that makes sense on the best way to select the best trades out there folks. I hope its evident that these criteria are based in order of importance and priority. I hope that the dating analysis makes it true to life and easier to understand. 😉



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The Prop Forwards Guide to Surviving the School Cross Country – Part 2

December 3, 2010 at 11:50 am (Uncategorized)

So Luap is making his way across the rugby pitch to the start line of the dreaded “Cross Country”. The lads are hollering and carrying on with all the excitement that “Yrrah” was going to at last going to join them on the complete waste of time for everyone except the “Giselle” of the pack.

Luap looked around and noticed a few other “Heavy Treaders” that he kind of fancied his chances against. If nothing else, perhaps he wouldn’t be the last person who would cross the line. There was still the other fans of TV’s and chips

and also the sick weedy boys who had forgotten about the sick note from matron… He felt just a little more self-secure.

Then it happened!! There was a shout out from one of the boys who certainly had a bit of a sense of humour!

“Hey guys, the Camera man’s here…!”

Luap looked up and saw the infamous “Camera man” who was catching “Happy memories” of the boys final year of school. This bloke had popped up in the worst kind of places, School Disco’s, Athletics day, Student Voting Day, Rugby games where Luaps team were beaten – and beaten badly and now he was roaming over the muddy pitch, TV camera in hand, trying desperately not to get his cheap, pleather (plastic and leather compound) loafers too dirty…

Luaps heart sank. “Oh great!” he thought. “Not only will I have to endure this days humiliation but I will then have to purchase a video of it to remind me of how terrible it was…!”

All of a sudden a group of guys, lead by the “surfer dude” and 3rd team fullback standout, “Growler” Jonrock. “Hey Yrrah, this is what we are going to do – as this is your first Cross Country in 4 years, we are going to hold back the rest of the group and we want you to sprint out in front and be the first guy to the corner flag. It would be great to ge that on video and a great laugh!”

“Ya bru, go for it” said “Play boy” Wessels, it will be really funny to see you out front! Go for it!”

With much jeering and “go on Yrrah”, Luap reluctantly accepted the challenge – much to the huge celebrations of all and sundry who evidently wanted to see the pride of the front row leading 700 boys into the first turn of the race”.

“Playboy” Wessels marched up to the camera man and announced “Okay Sir, now listen here! Our buddy Yrrah, that big guy in the blue track suit top and the ill-fitting PT pants, he has never run the Cross Country before and quite frankly, he is a bit of a joker! We have arranged for him to be the first oke out of the blocks and hopefully (God willing and if he makes it) leads us into the first turn. So best you make sure you do some sharp sharp work with that camera of yours and capture the big guy is action – understood?”

The lisping , loafer wearing camera man was a bit taken back by “Playboys” directness but nodded in agreement – more through being on the back-foot than actually thinking it was a good idea. After all, he was a professional and felt everyone should take the video making as seriously as him. None of this “let the fatties run out front malarkey!

So it was set. A sea of blue and white gathered along the start line. Numerous people pushing, jostling and others making bets on who would win (there were some people who took the Cross Country seriously, you see)

Luap was positioned at the front. Front and centre. Flanked by the Playboy, Growler and a few other telling everyone else to keep back at the start as “Yrrah needs to lead the pack for at least the first 50 yards!”

Luap, put his foot to the line just as he had seen prize fighters of yesteryear do at the movies. He leaned forward and prepared himself mentally for the painful challenge that lay ahead. He tried to compose himself, desperately trying to look like he knew what he was doing which, to all present, he clearly knew nothing of the sort.

“Shuddup yous bliksems!!!” came the bellow from the starter, a teacher by the name of Van Rensburg who was affectionately known as “The Viper” as he constantly stuck his tongue out when he was talking. Rumour had it that he had also run for SA at the olympics many moons ago and could be recalled from time to time reminiscing about his days of rugby where apparently their coach was always saying “Get the ball to Van Rensburg! Cus he is so blerrie fast!”

“Shuddup yous bliksems….!” came the roar roar again which only slightly dampened the excitment of 700 plus likely lads. 

The were under starters orders. Playboy and Growler were pushing back the younger, more eager boys and making threats of severe violence toward anyone who ran past Luap in the first 50 yards. Luaps heart was beating like drum. The adrenaline was flowing and his breathing was deep.

He knew, if nothing else, he HAD to  be first into that corner. He looked up and the camera man was aiming straight at him. Trying to hide his nerves and impending embarrassment, he gave a cocky wink to the camera…

“Stay behind the line you blerrie bliksems!” came the starters less than politically correct instructions! 

“On your marks”

“Get set….!”

“Viper” raises his hand with the cap gun cocked – pointing it towards a particularly white anemic looking English boy who he severely hated. Closed one eye….


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“BANG!!” The cap gun exploded and the race was on!!

Luap felt that huge explosion of adrenaline. The big fella felt the tightness of his muscles as the surge of power seered though his body. He took off like only a 120kg prop forward could do. Not dissimilar from a rhino charging an american motor vehicle in the Kruger park. 

Luap was off and running. Leading the pack. This was his moment. Somewhere in the distance you could hear Chariots of Fire being played. 

The first 10 meters, Luap was in the lead, 20 meters still leading. Just past the 25 meter mark, Luap noticed a skinny boy enter into his peripheral vision – someone was trying to take his place – HIS LIMELIGHT before the first corner. A split second passed and this skinny boy was removed from vision! Growler Jonstone who now had seemed to appoint himself as Yrrah’s personal body-guard eliminated the “contender for the lead” with a beautiful school-boy ankle-tap. Timeously perfected by years of tripping up other school boys in the hallowed halls education that was this fine institution. 

Luap was back in the lead. Chariots of fire was ringing in his ears, the wind was whistling through his hair, his body shuddering with every adrenaline induced thud.

The corner flag was getting closer and closer and Luap could feel the vulturous pursuits of the “more speed than comfort boys” who were ravenous in their challenge to rip the lead from the martyr of all things “full-fat”.

Luap not going to give up his leadership position without a fight though. Luap had always been a scrapper at heart …. (Well, I say “always” – more like since a friend of the family told him that he “had better be a good fighter as he was not good looking enough to be a lover!) and this Rottweiler was not going to let the whippets past easily. He felt a sense of pride that he was leading his school in something that he was a laughing-stock at. There was no way in Hell he was going “Quietly in the night” – at least not before that corner flag!

20 meters to go and everything was going in slow motion, every step Luap was taking was getting him closer to his victory. His Everest. The flag post was getting closer and closer. 

All of a sudden Luap caught a glimpse of another whippet trying to pass him before the flag, his mind begged the question, “Where is Growler …??” “Where is Playboy?” Where are my protecters..?? He looked back and noticed both of his minders having scraps with other boys who had challenged the lead when Luaps back was turned. They had “picked them out and picked them off” without his knowing – like truly great enforcers. 

Without the “awesome two-some” Luap was left to his own devices. No longer could he just concentrate on getting to the corner flag first. He would have to defend his lead all by himself ! He glanced to the left and saw a wirey, long striding boy gaining on the inside. This was it!! This was the challenge to Luap’s title that he was so desperately dreading. This wirely, spotty boy (who didn’t even PLAY rugby) was trying to take his moment of glory from him….

There were no protectors now (both were now being reprimanded by “Viper” for not taking cross country seriously) and it was going to be left to Luap to defend his honour and his lead that he had worked so “blerrie hard” for (well, not really but you know what I mean!)

Luap decided to take matters into his own hands. This boy was gaining on him and fiendishly coming up the inside. This was the do or die moment for Luap. The boy closed in and was about to pip Luap on the inside of the post. At that exact moment, Luap changed direction like a side-stepping centre and bounced the long gamey boy out of the way leading to the whippet being knocked down and rolled down the side of the hill. This resulted in much cheering, jeering and flag waving from the audience and boys alike…

Luap had done it, he had lead the entire senior school on the first 50 meters of their cross country. He felt like a champion. He felt like a winner. He felt like a legend…. Then he realised, the race race had only just begun….!!

To be continued….

Coming Up, ” Prop Forwards Guide to Surviving the School Cross Country – Part 3 : When the Going gets Tough, the Tough hide in the bushes”

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The Prop Forward’s Guide to Surviving School Cross Countries… Part One

November 24, 2010 at 8:49 am (Life in General)

Okay, now many of my posts here are about how I see life and are designed to help people move forward.

Today’s post is a little more light hearted but still designed to help people – a particular kind of person.

Yup, TODAY I am writing for those of us who are built more for “comfort” than for “speed”.

It’s also going to be purely hypothetical 😉 . So, it’s a story – it never happened 😉 … well, never say never but you know what I mean!

Okay, so as this is a fable we need to have a centre point. Something for people to relate to. In this case, I will just randomly pick up a name to centre this story around…. How about the totally outlandish name “Luap Nosirrah” ? Sound good?

Okay, so our young hero is a “generously build” individual who enjoy’s nothing less than having to run for long distances. Luap always had the belief that he was never born to be a running and in fact could be seen on Saturday mornings somewhat off the pace in the School rugby game. Quite often with his hands on his hips and very red-faced.

As they say though, what life takes away from you in one area, it gives to you in another and all the “red face jogging” to catch up with the more sleek back line players was all made up for in the tight exchanges where the power (and weight) was brought to bear on the opposition loose head-prop and hooker (that’s a rugby position, if my Mom is reading this…!!) and in the line outs where he could lift his lock, “Meat” (not real name) to “Nose Bleeds Heights”. This was confirmed by Meat’s dad at one game when bellowed “Sjoo! Yrrah (Luap’s Nick Name)! You are lifting my boy so high he could fart on his oppositions head!” Which was obviously met with the raucous laughter you would expect from South African school boys with “Toilet Humour”.

Anyway, our young hero getting a bit nervous prior to the day in question as it was rolling up to the dreaded cross country day. Now, Luap had managed to miss the past 4 years annual Cross Countries races due to nasty injuries that has mysteriously effected him about a week prior to the actual event. Everything from waterskiing accidents to sever food poisoning and notes from matron! Booha!!

Luap is a man of some honour though and he felt that, as this was his final year at school, he needed to at least “run with the boys” and “give it a go”. So he was preparing himself with some intrepidation – that basically meant eating less bread at dinner time.

He had no other plan that just to go out and make it happen. Incidentally, he had been psyching himself up prior to this whole ordeal by listening to the song “Bang” by Gorky Park , 5 times on his luminous yellow walk man attached to his belt.

The cross country was to be held on a Thursday afternoon after school. As the bell went to signify the end of double English lesson and therefore the end of the school day, Luaps heart sank. he knew that his impending mission of self-destruction was about to play its self-out in front  of 700 odd of his peers.

Being a bit outspoken at times, Luap was never one to manage “going under the radar” very well so it had already been leaked to the rest of the school that he would be making an appearance at the cross country start line. This was reportedly met with a combination of cackling laughter and blatant disbelief by all those “non believers”. People who had witnessed Luaps performances before and knew this was certainly not his area of strength.

Luap made his way out of English class, walking very slowly… dragging his feet. If you didn’t know better you may have been able to hear the P.A. system ringing out “Deeaadd mmaaaann walking….!

His anxiety at running the cross country, finishing way behind the rest of the group and being not just average but absolutely crap at something and the shame of it all was compounded by a class mate, “Max”, a hard-running rugby centre with dazzling footwork which at times mimicked that of a gazelle : “So Yrrah, rumour has it that you are actually going to make the start line this year? ” to this, Luap flashed his fast speaking, fast running classmate a threatening glare that had hints of potential violence in it. Max saw the weakness behind the glare, gave a raucous laugh and trotted off like a prize pony.

Luap got back to the changing rooms and readied himself to face his fears (which, in hindsight, are ALWAYS irrational) He donned his blue PT shorts, white sports vest and school track suit top to try and look somewhat composed and semi like he “knew what he was doing” (which obviously was a complete and utter lie)

Getting down to the major rugby pitch which was wear the dreamed “death run” was due to start from, Luap felt a combination of confidence and out right fear. The confidence coming from previous rugby games played on this hallowed turf where his bulk, size and power had rewarded him with numerous accolades, bullocking runs and tight head scrums. The fear was coming from his perceived impending failure and total ridicule at the hands of the rest of the school.

As he approach the starting line, cheers and jeers went up as more and more of the other boys notice the “rotund outspoken one” making his way to join them. They concurred that the rumour was true. Yrrah was indeed going to join them in the annual cross country…..

To Be Continued….

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The 3 Second Rule: A Key To Success

November 16, 2010 at 4:32 pm (Life in General)

There is something that I have to really identify as a “Key to Success”.

Whatever “Success” means to you.

If it’s financial success, success in relationship, just being happy in life, success with your children….

So much of our happiness in life, comes from other people. Yup, you heard me right. So often, the people we have around us will contribute or detract from our happiness.

You can have great positive mental attitude and all the rest of it but if you don’t have good interaction with others, you’re going to have a tough time.

Something that I have learnt over a number of years is that first impression’s count. Now I would never put it as such that I have ALWAYS made good impressions – the truth of the matter is that I have offended people too. But who hasn’t ? 😉

One thing that really seemed to help me a great deal though, is something that I call the “3 second rule” and it was derived in the clubs and bars I worked in for a long time. Basically, the idea is that anyone who comes into your company, you have a minimum of 3 seconds to make them feel better about themselves when they leave your company than when they came into your company.

So even if you have just 3 seconds, sometimes a smile, a tap on the shoulder, a “have a GREAT day” or just a bit of real positivity can lift someone just a little bit and make their day a little better. 

Let me tell you this now, as a caveat to what I have said above – I need to make a point here, YOU NEED TO REALLY MEAN IT.

If you don’t it doesn’t carry the weight. If you REALLY mean it. They will feel it. They may not know it cognitively but they will feel it emotionally.

This little secret has led to some other learnings for me. Firstly, even if I am having a real bad day, I try to do this because there is something very enriching about making an effort for someone else. It seems to make us feel better too.

Secondly, a MASSIVE learning that I have had from this is that you NEVER know what is going on in someone elses mind. Sometimes that little change that you can make for someone can be just the change that they need in order to PHire off a positive reaction for them in that day. I think this has got to be one of the key defining factors with www.MOBIvation.com – you are putting so much positive strategies, secrets and incites into your mind, it WILL start to take and help push you forward as an Aspiring Entrepreneur, Business Owner or Investor.

So there you go folks, the 3 Second Rule . Something that is very small but very powerful – but being powerful in its concept is not enough. You have got to use it in order to get the effect of it.

To your Health, Wealth and Happiness.


www.MOBIvation.com <<<< ——- Elite Entrepreneurial Training Via Your Mobile Phone.

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Getting GRILLED by Dr. Danny

November 12, 2010 at 3:56 pm (Uncategorized)

Hey folks

This is an interview undertaken by Dr. Danny Scahill for Youhaveabillionairemind.com

We cover a few very unique experiances with regards to Internet Marketing, Small Business start up and of course, Zero Risk Stock Market Trading.

Dr. Danny caught me with some BRILLIANT questions !! 😉 Enjoy:

youhaveabillionairemind-paulharrisoninterview <<<<< ——– Click on this

To your Health, Wealth and Happiness


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Pain – your greatest key to success.

November 11, 2010 at 10:20 am (Life in General)

Now that heading IS a bit full on.

I am becoming more and more aware that some people are not keen on this kind of terminology and don’t see things the same what that I do – which is absolutely brilliant!

This came to my attention when I was recently sharing a few ideas with a fantastic group of aspiring entrepreneurs and I made a comment along the lines of “And you will make liars of this bastards ( who said you couldn’t achieve anything!) …!”

As soon as the “B” word left my lips, there was a collective, sharp intake of breath which confirmed my assumptions that perhaps my outlooks and motivations were purely my own.

But then I gave it a bit more thought and came to the conclusion that the approach I had taken, perhaps wasn’t wrong.

I thought about the people who I aspire to be like and the incredibly successful people who I am lucky enough to call my friends. These people are in the position that they are in, due to a number of factors that all came together to put them into that position.

Firstly, they work bloody hard.

Secondly, they have a huge capacity to learn.

Third, they are not put off by making mistakes

Fourth, they actively look for good people to surround themselves with.

Fifth – they have MASSIVE motivation.

Now, the first four points I believe are teachable and anyone can learn them. The fifth point, in my opinion, is the most powerful point and the element that holds it all together. Without the motivation, you’re going nowhere. Its like having your absolute dream car but not having any petrol in it. It doesn’t go anywhere.

People say that motivation is an “inside job”. It’s something that comes from with-in you and that it can’t be taught. I disagree with this to some extend. I believe that people can be inspired or motivated if they are put in an environment that is conducive to their motivation – like using a service like www.mobivation.com . Once they are out of that environment, they are on their own. 

Then it comes to something deeper in you. Somewhere MUCH deeper  in you. Somewhere that many people don’t want to go to because it’s uncomfortable and you can get emotional over it. It can be dark and it can be unsettling… but it is VERY VERY VERY powerful and it can be bridled as a positive energy or a negative one.

It comes down to your pain. People who have endure HUGE pain and learnt how to use it will never stop moving forward. Yes, from pain – anger stems. Anger is a destructive force seen time and time again to hurt people – but it also carries HUGE power and HUGE benefit if used correctly.

So what is it? Is it the pain of not being able to live the life that you want that’s going to get you going and allow you to stop believing your “reasons why you can’t do it”?

Is it the pain of people saying “I told you so!” when you come up short again and again? Is the pain of labeling yourself an underachiever when you see others achieving more than you that PHires you up!?

Is the pain of knowing that there is something out there that you and only you can do to serve other people in a way that nobody else can – and if you don’t do it, nobody else will?

I was having a chat with a very good friend of mine who is an ex- heavy weight pro boxer and we came on to this subject. He put it into a brilliant light for me when he spoke about his “pre-fight” state of mind.

He said to me “Paul, when I used to go into the ring, I had so much hatred towards my opponent. I put myself into a place where he is trying to hurt my kids, he is trying to take the food off their table, he is taking the clothes off their backs and trying to condemn them to a life below what they deserve. When I get in there Paul, I am a raging beast with only one thing on my mind”    

I nodded and took a quick sip of my coffee, trying to mask the way I was shaking from being emotionally moved by his shift in frame of mind.

Then he looked across at me and his expression softened. He said ” That pain-filled hate only stays with me for about the first 3 rounds. After that, the pain and anger goes away. It then is a very different frame of mind, Paul. The hate goes and it’s replaced by love.”

I looked at him with a bit of a smirk as if he was setting me up for a “Gotcha!” but he continued :

“Into the 3rd round, when we get into what we call Deep Water, that’s when the anger goes and we are driven by something very different. We are driven by LOVE. The love for what we do. The love for our family. The love for the contest. Even the love for our opponent.”

I had to cut in there and exclaimed “The Love for your opponent?” You mean that guy who has been trying to take your head off for the last 3 rounds?

He laughed and said “Yup! You see, that guy who has been trying to take my head off, he has taken the absolute best that I have given him and he is STILL standing there.

He is giving as good as he is getting and that means that he had to train through the same trials and tribulations that I did. You have to respect a guy like that. I know how hard I have trained to get to where I am and the sacrifices that I have made. He has done the same and as such, is the same human being as me. Therefore I have a respect and a love for him.”

He left me with this thought, “That pain and anger is a great fire starter. A great element that will get you going. The thing is though, pain and anger causes burn-out. You can’t be running on adrenaline for too long or it will totally burn you out. Anger starts the fire and it gets you going but love is what keeps you going. The love of what you do and why you do it. Anger starts the fire. Love keeps it burning.

To your Health, Wealth and Happiness.


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Are YOU also Holding out for a Hero…?

November 9, 2010 at 9:17 am (Life in General)

Bloody Bonnie Tyler….!!

She sang that song back in the 80’s, didn’t she? It was hailed in the same “disco” notoriety as “Walk like an Egyptian”, “Tom’s Diner” and “Eternal Flame”.

Not only that but it was also the theme tune for “Onder Die Dek Mantel” which was a series on South African TV about a male model who goes around solving crimes – agreed, not totally believable but when you are 8 years old, living in a country that was boycotted for so many years, you take what you can get….!

I will openly admit here that I LOVE that song. I am secure enough in myself to admit that it takes me back to some very happy memories ( not that I ever deluded myself into thinking that I was going to be a male model who solved crimes… but there we go)

I found myself humming that tune waiting for the train a few days back and thought, “You know what, maybe Bonnie Tyler wasn’t the only one who was holding out for a hero. Perhaps we are ALL holding out for a hero?”

My fertile mind then set about trying to justify the question it had just asked it’s self and then stumbled onto the assessment that as humans, we are “pack animals”. We, by nature, look for strong leaders to follow. I believe this goes for pretty much all of us. We all aspire to something greater. Something bigger than ourselves.

I have had the very good fortune to work with and be in the company of some absolutely GREAT leaders and certainly have amoungst my friends and peers some absolutely brilliant leaders.

Be it at school where a man like Chris Botha would have to receive praise on this. A man who could galvanise a group of rag-tag boys into a somewhat civilised and agreeable unit. Uniting so many different personalities and finding common ground for them all is no easy task.

To the rugby pitch where truly one of the best school boy captains I had the good fortune to play for, Craig Banks, could unite a team of guys to go “Over the Top” with him. A true leader of men.

To the Hostel where Steve Teasdale stood out for being able to control rowdy, strong and restless Std 9 year in the face of conflict with the Matrics (The names Jooste and Kemp come to mind for some reason 😉 )

To working the nightclubs where Gavin Jones has got to receive recognition for being aware enough to know what was going on but had enough emotional intelligence to have faith in his people in positions to “keep things right” !

I recently read a book about the Rugby World Cup in 1995 and how influential Nelson Mandela had been in securing the international stage for South African people to watch their rugby team on.

This man is a true and unique leader.

To be able to come out of imprisonment and give the people who put him in jail a large degree of their identity back, that being the world stage to have their pride and joy, the Springbok rugby team, compete on. He was also then able to walk out onto Ellis Park rugby pitch to the chant’s of “Nelson, Nelson, Nelson” and TRULY unite a nation – THAT IS A LEADER, THIS IS A HERO.

In the corporate business world, I have worked with some great leaders but possibly not as greater leaders as I have outside of it. I put this down to a lot of compliance, checks and balances and the HR department and company ethics for keeping people in line.

The Entrepreneurial world is slightly different. Smaller companies, fuelled by the passion of an entrepreneur is a great environment to be in. Many entrepreneurs have a high degree of social intelligence , are largely gregarious and often charismatic. Many of these people are natural leaders and often pretty alpha. They also love what they do and this them to  be passionate in their work.

I then thought about how I would define a great leader – or in this case, a Hero. This gave me some challenges as I am of the opinion that leaders come in all shapes and sizes and from all different backgrounds. I am also aware that I would not ask a leader from a theatrical background to lead an army platoon into battle and visa versa.

I eventually game to the conclusion that a great leader or “Hero” is someone who can identify the unique strengths of those people around them and inspire and empower them to use those unique strengths to the benefit of the greater team. If someone can do that, and galvanise the unit into a productive entity, they will always have people holding out for them 😉

To your Health, Wealth and Happiness


P.S. In relation to what I said earlier, even the greatest leaders have someone or something that they aspire to. If it is not another human being then it is a faith, a purpose or a higher calling that keeps them moving PHorward 😉

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