Great out the blocks … but not much for Stamina ….??

March 10, 2010 at 10:49 am (Life in General)

This was a line from one of those real cult movies, Road House, with Patrick Swayze in the lead role.

Well, it was a cult movie for me, and all my mates had seen it and we all agreed that it was a brilliant movie, especially considering that the last role we saw Patrick Swayze in was Dirty Dancing, that loads of guys were dragged to kicking and screaming by their girlfriends, wives, mothers or mother’s book club group!

Anyway, for those of you who have not seen Roadhouse, it’s about a nightclub “Cooler” (Head Bouncer) who gets recruited by the owner of a very tough nightclub to keep out the “bad element”. Swayze’s character, Dalton is the cooler and the comment comes from one of the “heavies” that he brings down to help him clear up the Bar.

The scene was set in one of those “trucker stop” kind of fast food places that you see in the movies. Normally with a guy wearing a greasy apron or a waitress serving bottomless cups of coffee.

They had been drinking all night and Dalton has to go home, to which his compadre says to him, “Great out the blocks, not much for stamina…” basically meaning that he starts with the intensity of a champion but doesn’t finish strong.

That comment stuck with me and came back to me years later when I was sitting in a presentation being made by a self-proclaimed expert in Negotiations. He was standing there presenting to a room of people who it must have cost the company tens of thousands of pounds to have away from the business end of the Financial Sector. He was telling us that, according to statistics, after a few days, 80% of us would not be thinking about or using any of the new negotiation strategies that he was teaching us. That we would “slip back” into our old habits of doing things. He believed that there would only be 2 percent of us that would continue to use the strategies he was teaching.

I thought it a bit strange him saying that and was now convinced that he had been paid upfront for the presentation and the cheque had cleared as I doubt the sales director would have hired him if he had said THAT in the initial meeting…

Looking back though, I DO believe he was right. I DO believe that so often we have such great intentions about making a change in an area of life that, at some stage, we know HAS to change.

New Years resolutions are a great example of this. I know gyms that have a 200% growth of new members from December to January but come mid-Jan, most of the “New Regulars” have slipped back into their old routines and are back to doing what they used to be doing (not going to the gym) – and therefore getting the same outcomes that they have always got. Ironically, the exact reason why they made the resolutions to begin with.

This doesn’t just pertain to the promises that we make ourselves over 31 December. I have seen this happen in so many different incidents. People who go on a diet, people considering setting up a new business, people trying to develop new wealth creation skills… the list goes on.  

Now, the reasons for the “relapses” are quite numerous. I do not for a moment believe that the individual in question wants to go back to their original way of behaving. They want to make and maintain the initial changes and therefore get the results that they intended to originally. 

The problem is that when we make these initial commitments to “make that change”, we are normally doing it after experiencing a significant degree of pain. Maybe we couldn’t fit into an old pair of jeans, we had a look at our personal finances and got a bit of a shock, we climbed a set of stairs and were a bit out of breath at the top, we lose a client to a competitor because they had a better sales technique…. It’s at that moment that we feel enough “pain” to commit to ourselves, “To Make The Change”.

The problem is, that feeling of pain is only temporary – or at least, the degree of pain is only temporary. This obviously impacts on our commitment to the end goal.

What happens next? Something else comes into our busy lives and we are distracted.

That “change” leaves what we call “Front of Consciousness” which basically means, the “change” is no longer “on your mind”. If something is in front of consciousness for you then you are going to act on it. It’s almost like we need constant reminders to act in a certain way, to achieve what we set out to originally.

If we have those constant reminders to act in accordance with our new changes and we continue to act like that, our behaviour becomes a habit and if we start habitually doing the things that we know we should, we will get the results we initially set out to get.

This problem was really the reason that we started sending out mobivation text messages. It all started at the back-end of 2006 when I was lucky enough to meet 4 other lads. All of us were wanting to improve our financial situation through learning to Trade and Invest . Those 4 other lads were none other than Silas Lees, Gary Shaw, Dan Pamment and Craig Conway (remember those names, folks ;-))

We had all been to a course and we wanted to stay in touch and “Keep The Momentum High” whilst we were going through the “beginners stage” of learning to trade and invest in property. It seemed to do the trick as, back then, all 5 of us were employees or in positions that we knew were not really what we wanted.

Today, 3 years later, every single one of us is either a full-time investor, a business owner or a combination of the two . I am sure that all 5 of us, and all the others who joined us later, will admit its been one Hell of a ride, certainly not always easy, never boring but most importantly INCREDIBLY WORTH IT.

What we have done is nothing that any normal person can’t do. None of us are particularly “intellectual” (forgive me, lads..!!) but we have kept good people around us and also kept our goals on front of consciousness.

I am sure that the original 5 will agree, as will all the other members of the FFN (Financial Freedom Network) who joined us, we have so much further to go but, at the same time, the last 3 years have taught us so much! This is including people who you may already know, or if not, I am sure you will soon as I believe them to soon be very well-known and top of their fields. People like Haydn Ellwood,  Jaye Hargreaves, Liz Evans, Matt Matteu, Paulo Da Silva , Sonia da Silva, Sam Lawton, Talisa WatsonRoss Walton, Nina Petrie-Orvos, Lucy Caswell, Lee Weller Ferns, Joe Cook, , Andrew SellarsAndy Papa, Ann Mullins, Bentley Kalu, Craig Richmond, Grant Massam, Morris Dixon, Thomas Emanual and Toj Ali. Sorry for anyone that I missed out folks….!! If I did, let me know and I will update it….   😉

If you want to make some kind of change, keep that change or that goal on “Front Of Consciousness” and ACT on it. It’s that simple.

To your Health, Wealth and Happiness 😉

Paul Harrison



  1. Sonia said,

    Awesome Paul!

  2. Silas J. Lees said,

    Awesome blog Paul and you are right on so many levels (except the intellectual comment……..Ha!!). Making that change needs to be first, a decision to change, and then secondly, an unwavering and never-ending committment to it until you achieve it. The first part is relatively easy; its the staying power or ‘stamina’ required to see the second part through that stops so many people. I can testify to that with my gym efforts this year…….although pleased to say back on track with things now!

    Wishing everyone much success in pursuit of your goals and more importantly, your happiness! Big Love, Silas. x

    • urbanjunglesurvival said,

      Ya, the gym in one of the first places you will see that “stamina” building…. I missed my session this morning so I am going for a run today…. 🙂

  3. Nina Petrie-Orvos said,

    Paul, most befitting and thought provoking words. It is an unwavering and never-ending committment for achieving change but of course, not without a kaleidoscope of bumps, grinds and gentle reminders along the way, that it’s all worth it!

    You are a gift to this world indeed x

    • urbanjunglesurvival said,

      It better be all worth it Nina 🙂 I think one of the best things though is when you know you are not the only one going through the challenges or problems, that there are other people along side you. Going through the same stuff as you.

      What did my brother say? Divided we stand, united we conquer?! 🙂

  4. Matt Matheou said,

    Hi Paul thanks for that it was a good read we all need reminders in getting things done. Why even a couple of days ago I said to myself when im I going to read Harrisons blog and the little voice inside me said…. “Ah well it can wait until tomorrow” or “I can do it next time” or “I don’t have time”. It’s like a default mode a phrase that talked me out of taking action. I conditioned my mind to behave this way and I can also fuel it in a more empowering way. By BEING AWARE I can change the default setting(s) in my life to more conducive phrase(s) like “I will get this done today” or “I can do this today.” These phrases to me are more empowering because they stave off what I have attracted in the first place and that’s a word we are all familiar with….that word is yeah you got it ….. Procrastination. So I have to become good and watching what I say or become more consciously aware of what I say. Remember my inner world creates my outer world being mindful of these default modes can make a difference. And blogs like these are pretty decent in keeping me on the road to; success, happiness and freedom. Keep up the good work Harrison and by the way my surname is Matheou. How long have you known me now? You almost likened my surname to that grumpy old actor called Walter Matthau 😉

    • urbanjunglesurvival said,

      Ha!! Sorry for the type-o Squire… You know I’m dyslexic, right ? 😉

      Some great points in your comment bro.

  5. andypapa said,

    keep em coming bro. tip of the iceberg stuff.

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