Divided, you will STAND. United, WE will conquer.

April 7, 2010 at 10:05 am (Uncategorized)

I guess that heading is not what we usually hear. It’s normally more along the lines of “United we stand, Divided we fall”….

But what good is being “normal”? Nothing of any significance was ever achieved by someone who was acting “Normally”.

What I am getting at here is that  the greatest achievements we can ever have in this life time are NEVER going to be about – JUST us.

I was recently watching a movie called Whale Rider with my partner Talisa.

It’s a story about a little girl who gets born into a family that is supposed to provide a leader for the community. It was part of the family blood-line.

The only problem was that it was customary that the leader had to be a man, not a woman. She was born with a twin. A twin brother… but the twin brother died at birth and therefore the family was left without a future leader.

The story revolves around this little girl, “Pi” who lives her life trying to prove that she can take over the mantle of her male predecessors and trying to convince her uncle that she has what it takes. Even though it’s so evident to all around her that this little girl has the qualities of a leader, the Grandfather will not see it or accept it. It’s a very moving story.

As the movie steams on, it comes to a stage where the little girl is giving a speech at a school talent contest. She dedicates the speech to her Grandfather (who, unexpectedly didn’t make the event) and she is talking about the leadership of the community. The protection of their Maori culture and the future leadership .

She talks with so much dignity and poise of her birth being a “mistake” because the family wanted a Son. A Son to lead the community. It’s a very powerful moment. An award-winning moment.

This little girl then goes on to challenge the status quo over “One leader”. She talks of empowering everybody so “Others can be strong” and “help empower each other” . She then said something that hit me like a sledge-hammer!

The words were something along the lines of ” Even the strongest leaders get tired and need help from time to time”. That REALLY hit me and I thought about the things that I am trying to achieve in my life and those incredibly strong leaders that I am so blessed to have around me.

The truth of the matter is that in whatever field you are focusing on, be it Business, Family, Sport, Spirituality…. We will NEVER achieve alone anything close to what we can achieve in a group… with good people. 

We all stumble, we all lose heart, we all “get tired” and we all need people to walk shoulder to shoulder with. To help us up. To keep our momentum high and to keep us moving PHorward!!! 🙂

To your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Paul Harrison

www.MOBIvation.com <<—- If You Are “Going For Greatness”, I Would LOVE To Walk Shoulder To Shoulder With You.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE7-_Z03Aw4 <<—- The Trailer for Whale Rider.


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