Whats the opposite of “Good”…….? I’ll give you a hint, its not “Bad”

October 28, 2010 at 5:29 pm (Life in General)

I was listening to an audio book called “Good to Great” but Jim Collins where the author has reviewed a number of companies that had enjoyed PHenomenal success year after year after year. In fact, for more than 15 consecutive years.

The author goes on to argue that the opposite of “Good”, is “Great”.

He argues that if a company is “Good” then it has very little chance of becoming GREAT.

I was speaking with a group of people this week on Wealth Creation and the challenges facing people who are trying to achieve it.

We came to the same conclusion that it was very difficult for someone to go from having a “Good” life to go on to have a truly GREAT life.

The reasoning behind this was that so often, when people live in a world that is “good”, where things are comfortable enough, they will seldom have the drive and desire to push to something GREAT.

Why should they? If life is good, why would they go out and endure a fair amount of adversity to get to a GREAT life.

Numerous people in the group that I was speaking with were sighting things like “Not enough time” or “not focused enough” or ” don’t have the motivation”.

In my opinion, these are all symptoms of not having a big enough “Why”. The reason “Why” you want to make the changes that you have to in order to live the life that you dream of or desire. To put this in context, I bet they would find the time, motivation and focus to do it if you held a gun to their heads.

If that desire is not strong enough, people won’t push through to the next level…

So is the level of someone’s success based purely on their “Why”? No, I won’t say “purely”. I think that it has a bit to do with where you come from, your personality, how you were bought up and obviously who you associate with.

However… I DO believe that if you have very little else but a HUGE reason WHY you must do something, there is very little out there that can stop you.

To your Health, Wealth and Happiness.

PH 😉


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